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Qi Fasting Retreat in China

For the first time Meishan Centre in China provides the possibility to join in a Qi Fasting Retreat. It is open for everyone, regardless of the amount of experience you have with Zhineng. Also for beginners. I cannot join, but I am sure this will be a powerful experience for everyone who does. That’s why I hereby share this information.

This Retreat is guided by Master Yuantong Liu. A great teacher with open heart and mind who shares the Zhineng Qigong science in such a way that you will also open up your heart and mind. To live our true intention of life and create, love and share what we are.

All info is in this pdf Qi Fasting Retreat

Qigong is de kunst van het verfijnen en beheren van levensenergie. Daarmee creëer je een gezonde balans op fysiek èn psycho-emotioneel niveau. Het is een eeuwenoude zelfzorg methode waarmee je dat wat gezond is in jou versterkt.

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